Long Experience of Robot Systems

Scandinavian Robotics AB have a long experience of robot systems that started within Transman AB which has delivered about 200 gantry robots for many different applications through the last 20 years.

In the year of 2000, Transman delivered a set-up robot to Krupp Thyssen in Germany. The concept was developed further during several years and related to that Scandinavian Robotics AB was founded by Johnny Andersson together with the investment company Kvarnen AB.

News and Press Releases

Company Acquisition

We are pleased to announce, that Mr. and Mrs. Andersson have laid the future of Scandinavian Robotics into the hands of German NLT Automation GmbH. read more

Robot for Automatic Handling of Cutters and Spacers in Slitting Lines

Robot System in Place

Eliminating Strenuous and Monotonous Work

Patented Gripping Tool

Optional Extra Equipment