New Developed Robot System

A new modularized robot system with unique advantages has been developed.

  • Great layout flexibility as robot, storing, interim station and washing machine are separate modules.
  • Requires less free floor area.
  • Shorter cycle time.
  • Possibility to be equipped with twin gripping tool for even shorter cycle time.
  • When washing is needed frequently a separate robot for loading a washing machine can be installed.

Extra equipment

The optional extra items of equipment described below are available to ensure that the robotizing of your line will meet your specific requirements.

  • Interim station – save set-up time as the operator can use the turnstile to change set-up without interruptions for the robot.
  • Automatically loaded washing machine for overnight / weekend washing of tools.
    Carousel washing machine for grease and dirt or ultrasonic washing machine to clean cutters when slitting aluminum or galvanized steel.
  • Sharpness control of the cutters. If there are damages on one of the edges the identification system ensures that only the undamaged edge will be used.
    When both edges are damaged the robot will place the cutter in the service station for regrinding.
  • Station to blow-off the tools after every slitting.