Robot System

Robot System SR and SRC

Short description

The robot improves the slitting line efficiency by eliminating strenuous and monotonous manual set-up work. In addition to greatly reducing labour costs and making the work technically interesting, the robot also reduces the risk of set-up errors.

In the built-in, integrated magazine, the cutters and spacers are stored under dry and dust-free conditions. If special cutters or spacers are required for a particular slitting operation, they can be introduced through the service station. The service station is also where the robot places the cutters if manual inspection is needed.

The robot is PC controlled using customized programs in which the operator is given the option of controlling selected parts of the process. When the operator has input the strip widths, etc., the set-up for the two arbors is displayed graphically on the screen and, if approved by the operator, the robot carries out the loading automatically.

Since the robot has a station for interim storage of a complete set-up, there are no interruptions for partial transfers of cutters and spacers to or from the turnstile.

Main Features

Simple, lightweight and robust design based on standard components

The design allows short cycle times even when handling larger and heavier spacers. The robot has few moving parts and thus requires little service.

Most of the spares that may be needed can be purchased locally. Due to the simplicity of its design, the robot can be serviced entirely by your own personnel, after only a brief spell of training

The robot and magazine are an integrated unit

The benefits are many; including the fact that the entire robot cell can be completed and all functions can be comprehensively tested before delivery, without the need for disassembling before shipment.

The installation time is thus short and inexpensive, and operating disturbances are therefore minimized. The robot is fully integrated, which guarantees close dimensional tolerances, since the spacers and cutters are always dust-free.

All parts are easily replaceable

Great emphasis has been placed on making all parts easily replaceable, in order to facilitate service work and reduce production stoppages to a minimum.

Control system

The control system consists of an industrial PC running Windows XP© communicating with a PLC system from Bosch Rexroth© via Ethernet.

The PLC system performs all the time critical jobs independently of the PC and handles servo drives, safety system, identification system, gripping tool, valves, sensors etc.

The safety system is built around a separate safety PLC system and is therefore easy to adapt to external equipments.

The PC software consists of two separate modules:

Main program – Communicates with the control system. It lets the user enter jobs and check the set-ups before they are being assembled. It also presents error messages and diagnostics to the operator.
Set-up calculation – Calculates setup layouts from order cutting data and available tools. The interfaces between the two modules are open and fully documented to the end user, so it is possible to install a different setup calculation module.

Since the system is built around standard components it’s easy to purchase spare parts and update the system if necessary. It also improves the scope available for obtaining competent service personnel locally. In most cases, support for the computer system can be obtained by modem via the internet. All information on the operator’s screen is in the language of your choice.

Identification system which checks that the correct spacers and the correct sides of the cutters have been fitted to the arbors. This ensures that the system is virtually 100% proof against incorrect fitting, and eliminates unnecessary operating disturbances.

Extra equipment

  • Interim station – save set-up time as the operator can use the turnstile to change set-up without interruptions for the robot.
  • Automatically loaded washing machine for overnight/weekend washing of tools – for grease and dirt.
  • Ultrasonic washing machine – when slitting aluminum or galvanized.
  • Sharpness control of the cutters.
  •  Station to blow-off the tools after every slitting.
  • Program for separator shafts, that gives the operator a written list how to put together the separator shafts.

The main description above is valid also for this version with the following unique advantages:

  • This robot system requires less floor area as the robot can be placed in a fixed position and the storage is rotating.
  • Another benefit is great flexibility as the customer can choose the modules needed (robot, storing, interim station, washing machine etc.) and the best layout.
  • Shorter cycle time.
    For even shorter cycle time the robot system can be equipped with a twin gripping tool and a separate robot for loading a washing machine.